2025 KSHA Convention Poster Submission

February 26-28, 2025
Lexington, KY

Professional Presentations – Due on or before September 3, 2024
Poster Submissions – Due by 1/16/2025

Prior to submitting this form, please review your entry to ensure all of the information requested has been provided. You will need to submit the following:

  • Speaker Disclosure for each Presenter
  • Email address for each Presenter
  • Bio for each Presenter
  • Product Disclosure
  • Abstract – Limit 150 words
  • Learner Outcomes

Carefully read all instructions before completing and submitting this form. (Note: Failure to follow instructions may result in rejection of the proposal.) Questions can be directed to the KSHA Office.

Primary correspondence will be through email, please provide accurate contact information for this purpose. If you have questions regarding your submission, contact the KSHA Office at kshaoffice@ksha.info or 800-837-2446.

KSHA’s policies for accepting papers:
Presenters living in the state of Kentucky, must be a current KSHA member.

The Convention Committee will be guided in the selection of submissions by quality, subject matter, timelines, content, popular demand, program balance, and broad-based membership participation. Presenters must present in the time period and format assigned by the Convention Committee. Proposals that are incomplete or do not follow the guidelines will be returned to the primary presenter for completion or correction. KSHA does not accept late submissions. Please observe all deadlines.

If your proposal is accepted:
The appropriate Convention Team Member will notify you via email no later than September 30 to confirm the days/times of your presentation. Chosen presenters will need to acknowledge the notification confirming the details of their presentation (s).

All presenters are required to register and pay the appropriate convention registration fee.

Handout Information:
KSHA will post all presenter handouts prior to the Convention.

  • Handouts must be sent in an electronic format to the KSHA Office.
  • Omit unnecessary images and photos. Include only those relevant to the topic. If your presentation contains a large number of images resulting in a large file, we may find it necessary to convert your handouts to text only.
  • Forward handouts to kshaoffice@ksha.info no later than January 30, 2025.

NOTE: If selected, information from your submission will be used in printed material provided at the Convention. Please keep this in mind as you complete the following information and be as accurate as possible.

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